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Do You Put White Wine in the Fridge

Wine cooling is a delicate process that should not be taken lightly. As far back as the times of ancient civilizations, such as Greece for instance, mankind has taken great care with wine storage. The Ancient Greeks used honey to preserve wine, while other European cultures mixed wine with brandy. Luckily, modern times brought us […]

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How Cold Does a Wine Cooler Get

Wine coolers are quite different animals compared to regular refrigerators. You put all your food and beverages together in a refrigerator, and all the odors can get mixed around. Some foods or drinks might not be affected by this, especially if they are packaged well, but wine does. You need to put wine in a […]

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How to Make a Wine Cooler Colder - thewineaerator

How to Make a Wine Cooler Colder

Wine coolers are important appliances for all wine collectors. Their purpose is to set and maintain the ideal humidity and temperature in which to store bottles of wine and keep their quality intact. All wine coolers should be able to reduce the inner temperature to the required level. If they can’t, it usually means that […]

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Can I Use Wine Cooler for Beer - thewineaerator

Can I Use Wine Cooler for Beer

If you want to keep the quality of your wine at the highest possible level, you’d store it in a wine cooler. This appliance can maintain a higher temperature than a refrigerator, which benefits various types of wine. However, you may wonder if it’s possible to store beer in a wine cooler to achieve similar […]

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