Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer Review

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Quick Overview





  • Wine pours well
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Easy to wash
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Only works with bottles

The Vintorio wine aerator is a simple yet effective item that makes wine taste fuller and more flavorful because it uses a straightforward and effective way of infusing oxygen into the wine. The product is made of a rubber gasket and a durable acrylic spout. The wine goes through the aerating chamber and through the spout.

The aerating chamber is large and can quickly oxygenate a large amount of wine. The neck of the chamber has three holes that let oxygen in. The large chamber also lets the oxygen build up before the wine is released through the spout.

The shape of the spout is slanted and ergonomic. The wine can be poured from any direction and will not spill. The rubber gasket is tapered and holds firmly to the neck of the bottle to make sure that the wine does not spill or leak. The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer comes in two pieces that can be detached and washed easily.


  • Spout is slanted and made of acrylic
  • Wine is poured neatly
  • Rubber gasket is tapered
  • Can be used for any wine bottle type
  • Has a large aerating chamber
  • Wine is well oxygenized and aerated fast
  • Easily washable
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Has a lifetime warranty

The product aerates the wine in the chamber and produces the bubbles before the wine is poured out. The wine that flows out of the spout has more oxygen content and tastes free from sediments or the bitterness that the wine absorbs due to fermentation.


The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer makes the wine breathe at a faster rate and oxygen is infused in the liquid as the wine if being poured out. This is a product that is easy to attach because of its flexible and tapered rubber gasket.

The user will not have a hard time pouring because the liquid will not leak or spill out. Its tube is made of acrylic that enables the wine to flow without spraying of splashing. The aerator is not battery operated and does not come with a long tube. The contents of the bottle can all be poured out easily.

The aeration chamber is large and can accommodate large quantities of wine in a shorter time. The users can enjoy the wine in large amounts and will be convenient to use during dinner parties or when dining in large groups. Serving good wine for receptions or gatherings will not be a challenge even with the use of the aerator.

The product enables the wine to breathe inside the chamber. The side of the chamber has three holes that let the air in to make the wine taste and smell better. This aerator makes vintage wine lose its old flavor.

The bitterness and the residue that came from the fermentation process are then removed to produce the wine in its truest flavor. The user can then drink and experience all the flavors infused in it. There is a significant difference in the taste with the use of the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer.

The aerator will make entertaining good and produce a more pleasant experience because even a cheap bottle will taste better. There is more oxygen inside the wine and more bubbles will appear in the glass. The tapered and long tube is not only efficient but makes the product look more elegant and classy.

The aerator can also act as a cork to preserve leftover wine. The secure gaskets keep the flavors intact. The wine can even be stored in the refrigerator with the aerator still attached.

The product is washable and only comes in two parts. Cleaning will only require rinsing with water. The manufacturer offers a warranty and a money back guarantee.


The product’s gasket leaks when attached to a wine box. The rubber gasket only holds firmly on the glass and is problematic when used in other wine vessels. The product’s tubes break when it is subjected to impact. The connection of the aerator from gasket to tube tends to fall apart and does not securely hold.


The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer is durable and will produce better tasting wine. The aeration process starts in the large chamber and pouring is done easily without spilling. The tubes are made of acrylic and the rubber gasket holds well to the mouth of the wine bottle.

The wine gets to absorb more oxygen as the aerator lets more air in before the wine is poured out of the bottle. Therefore the wine will have more bubbles in the glass and will taste less bitter. Vintage wines will lose the sediments and the foul smell that was developed during fermentation.

However, the rubber gasket seems to be problematic. It doesn’t hold well to other wine vessels like plastic.

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