Vinluxe Wine Aerator, Decanter, and Pourer Review

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Quick Overview





  • Looks elegant
  • Comes with stand and pouch
  • Solid, durable body


  • Can fall off easily
  • Hard to clean

The Vinluxe is an aerator that lets the wine go through three stages of oxygenation. The product is made of acrylic and is cone-shaped. Inside the cone, the structure is a small umbrella-like fixture that will catch the wine first and make the liquid fall at the sides.

The wine then flows to the bottom where 28 holes are positioned. It gets oxygen for the second time as it flows through the holes. The wine then enters a chamber that lets the air in and flows into the tube. It swirls inside the chamber while it is flowing out of the aerator. There are more bubbles on the surface of the wine.

The product provides a maximum amount of oxygen into the wine, making the flavors infused effectively and without bitterness or old flavor. The wine is less tangy and the bitter smell is removed.

The product is in one piece and solidly holds the liquid. There is no leaking while the wine is being processed.

The Vinluxe Wine Aerator, Decanter, and Pourer comes with a stand to make the aerator sit on the table. It will make wine drinking more enjoyable.


  • Made of acrylic
  • Oxygenation undergoes 3 processes
  • Has one solid body without attachments
  • Does not need batteries
  • Has an elegant look
  • Comes with a stand and carry-on pouch

The product is durable and will not break easily. It can also be used with other types of liquor and does not need to be attached to a bottle. The aerator can be easily cleaned with warm water. The manufacturer offers 100% warranty and will exchange damaged items.


The product is versatile for aerating the wine and other liquor. The process of aeration goes through three stages where the wine is splashed on an umbrella-shaped structure to let it breathe. The holes and the aerating chamber add to the oxygenation process and eliminate the foul and bitter taste in the wine.

There is no need to let the wine breathe for hours in advance. Transferring to a decanter is no longer needed. The wine is rid of contaminants and sediments.

The product looks elegant and is very practical for entertaining or for home use. Large amounts of wine can be served faster. This aerator will not be time-consuming in aerating the wine and the flow rate out of the product is fast. It is also useful in bartending and serving wine in big batches.

The product saves a lot of time. For wine drinkers who do not have time to let the wine breathe for two hours, the Vinluxewill produce the same quality as the ones that have been let to air. The wine is ready to drink as soon as it is opened and can be poured into a glass quickly. Drinking wine with a meal can be done in a shorter time.

The aerator is made to take the sediments out of the wine that causethe bitter and foul taste. Wine is fermented and a lot of contaminants are hard to remove. The contaminants, if not removed, cause the wine to taste bitter and the full bouquet is not achieved. The user will taste the real depth of the wine.

The product is convenient to store. Users can use the stand and put it in the wine glass display or store it in a drawer in a pouch. The stand can also be placed on the table to be used by guests.


The product is not fastened to the mouth of the wine bottle. This will make the wine spill if it is not poured carefully in the aerator.

The three step aerating process can make the wine too aerated that the depth and flavor can be lost in the process. 

Since the aerator has many creases, there will be parts of the product that may not be properly cleaned. The layer of plastic that lies under the rubber label tends to collect mold.


The product uses the simple method of funneling wine but adds sophistication by letting the wine flow through three steps of oxygenation. The aerator is a simple one-bodied piece that doesn’t need batteries or attachments for it to function. It will not leak at the seams. There are no rubber gaskets that loses grip over time.

The Vinluxe Wine Aerator, Decanter, and Pourer produces a full-bodied flavor that is similar to wine that was let out to breathe for two hours. Wine can be consumed as soon as it is opened because it does not have to be transferred to a decanter. The product comes with a stand and a pouch for easy storage. The aerator is solidly made and will not crack.

However, the product tends to attract mold at the edges if it is not washed properly.

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