Vinaera Electronic Wine and Spirit Aerator Review

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Quick Overview





  • Battery operated so portable
  • Lots of aeration
  • Produces 1 ounce of wine every two seconds
  • Spill and mess free


  • Tube too short
  • Tube "nipple" is fragile

The Vianera is a great product to use to produce good tasting wine and lets users make the most out of their wines as it eliminates the bitter taste left in the fermentation process. The product is powered by 6 AAA batteries and will produce the pressure inside the bottle.

The air will let the wine receive a maximum amount of oxygen that clears out sediments. Therefore, the use of the product eliminates the need for a decanter and will let the wine breathe in a faster pace than letting it breathe for hours.

Entertaining will be easier because the wine is oxygenated 40 minutes faster than a glass decanter. Pouring is neat as it is poured out by a push button dispenser. The Vinaera Electronic Wine and Spirit Aerator releases an ounce of wine every two seconds.

The bottle doesn’t have to be titled to get the wine out and reduces the risk of spilling and staining. More bubbles will appear in the glass because the wine has more oxygen. The aerator is good for any type of wine and can even be used in spirits.


  • Operated by 6 AAA batteries
  • Electronic aerator provides 6 times more oxygen
  • Aeration is done 40 minutes faster than decanting
  • Transferring to a decanter is unnecessary
  • Has one touch dispensing mechanism
  • Spill and mess free
  • Produces 1 ounce of wine every two seconds

Because the aeration is powerful and provides fully oxygenated wine faster, wine is enjoyed with less hassle and will not consume time. The manufacturer is used by many wine connoisseurs and wine critics because of the full-flavored wine that it produces.


This product is reliable and multi-functional. It can be used for red, white or rose wine as well as spirits. The aerator comes with an electronic machine that generates air through a plastic tubing inserted in the wine bottle.

The oxygen produced is 40 minutes faster and gives a maximum amount of oxygen for a fuller flavored wine. The difference in taste with and without the aerator is distinct. This product makes wine enthusiasts get the most out of their expensive and vintage wines, while cheap wines will taste better.

Dining will be much easier with this aerator because it saves time from using a decanter. The product can also be left on the bottle for unconsumed wine. The wine is preserved and can be used for other occasions. Because it aerates faster, the wine can be consumed right away which is especially important when using the wine as a pairing.

Dispensing wine is easier and non-spill. The wine is dispensed through a tube and released by a single push of a button found at the top of the aerator. It will be transferred to the glass at a speed of 1 ounce per two seconds and will let more bubbles appear on the surface.

This product is efficient and can be used repeatedly. The tubes are easy to wash and will be dependable at parties and cocktails. Guests will be impressed with its elegant look and will be satisfied with the better tasting wine.

The dispenser can also take out the spicy and bitter taste out of spirits. The aerator can fit any bottle size. It can be washed easily and transferred to another bottle with its quick to attach rubber stopper.

The aerator does not consume much energy. The batteries will last for 6 months and will not be an inconvenience even in frequent use.


The product’s tube is not long enough and will not reach the very bottom of the bottle. The ends of the tube have a nipple that is very fragile and will break if it reaches the curved center of a bottle. Dispensing will be slow since it only produces 1 ounce per 2 seconds and will not suit bartending purposes. The mechanism of the aerator will malfunction if the machine is subjected to abuse.

The Vianerais more expensive than funnel-type or non-electrical aerators. The cost of the batteries adds to the total expense of the product, while the manufacturer does not have a warranty policy.


The product is reliable and can be used for a long time if used with care. It requires batteries that will be good for six months. The aerator is powerful and will produce more oxygen into the wine, making it taste better and takes the sediments out.

The aerator can also be used for spirits. Aside from aerating the wine, it seals the bottle well. Leftover wine will still taste good after a few days. Refrigeration, however, might destroy the electrical mechanism of the aerator.

The Vinaera Electronic Wine and Spirit Aerator is more expensive compared to other aerators. The tubes are not long enough to reach the very bottom of the bottle and will not aerate the entire content. The nipple at the end of the tube is sensitive and will break easily.

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judy daniels Reply

We are very disappointed with the Vinaera we have as, after dispensing, it continues to drip; not ideal under any circumstances, but on a granite bench top, particularly annoying as it stains! Permanently!

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