TaleeMall Vintoral Wine Aerator Review

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Quick Overview





  • Set comes with a stand, base, aerator and pouch
  • Hands-free operation
  • Easy to use and splash fee
  • Convenient to clean
  • FDA food-grade material


  • Not good for older wines

This wine aerator is a versatile and highly flexible aerator that can be used in multiple ways. The aerator itself is made of acrylic that can be put on a stand or be used by hand. The aerator allows air in by letting the wine be poured into the vessel and through the spout.

The wine is further oxidized as it pours from the aerator into a glass. Wine in not splashed into the glass and you will have no hassle in cleaning up. The stainless steel strainer is built-in and will remove any residue or sediment.

The TaleeMall Vintoral Wine Aerator can also be used by hand. The aerator is not fixed and you can opt to use it by simply pouring wine into the glass. This also allows you to choose the level of aeration.

This is a product that is easy to clean and very convenient to have during wine tasting parties because the aerator stays in place where guests can freely use it. Bartending will also be easy because the mechanism is handsfree.


  • Set comes with a stand, base, aerator and pouch
  • Hands-free operation
  • Made of acrylic
  • Aerator uses a 2-phase process
  • Stainless steel strainer is built in
  • Includes a skid-free and stable stand
  • Easy to use and splash fee
  • Convenient to clean
  • Has a deluxe design
  • Has FDA food-grade material approval


This product is a good gift as well as a good tool for home use. The product has FDA food-grade material approval.


The TaleeMall Vintoral Wine Aeratoris convenient to haveforuse in wine drinking events. The set is complete with aerator, base, tower, stand, and a carrying pouch. The product is well-made and will not break or split when it is in use.

The aerator itself has a built-in stainless steel strainer that filters out sediment as well as provides more air into the wine. The aerator can be handheld or set on the stand for hands-free and less hassle in pouring in the wine. The aerator is placed high in the tower so that the wine will breathe more before it settles in the glass.

Aside from a better tasting wine, there will be no problems with spilling as the base of the tower has a drip catcher. If using the aerator without the tower, you can place it on the stand which comes with the set. The tower is sturdy and is made of acrylic. There will be no hassle in aerating and the wine can be immediately drunk as soon as a bottle is opened.

The TaleeMall Vintoral Wine Aeratoris a good device that can be used in many ways. This is an aerator specifically designed for young wines that were not aged for long and have spent lesser time with oxidation.

The taste of the wine is better and this product reduces the tannins to make the wine taste less bitter and fuller in texture. The flavor produced after using this aerator is similar to wine that was decanted but without the hassle of transferring to another container. The wine is enjoyed one glass at a time and can be consumed right from the bottle.

A storage and carry bag is included to make the product secure and keep all the parts in one container; this lessens the risk of losing the accessories of the aerator.

All materials used to make the product are top quality. The aerator is made of acrylic and the strainer is made of stainless steel. The product will not rust or corrode and is built to last for many years.


This is an aerator that can only be used for young red or white wines. The level of aeration produced by this product will destroy the texture and flavor of older wines. The many parts of the product can be misplaced.


The TaleeMall Vintoral Wine Aerator is a highly versatile product that will make young wines taste better. The product uses a multi-step aeration process that removes tannins and residue. The wine is conveniently poured into the glass without worrying about spilling.

However, if this product is used with vintage wine, the taste will be bland and all the flavors will be completely broken. The many attachments should be kept well to avoid losing the aerators’ parts.

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