Redevino Luxury Wine Aerator Review

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Quick Overview





  • Provides good wine oxidation
  • Has a detachable stainless steel strainer
  • Has a stand for hands-free operation
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Has a lifetime service guarantee


  • Not great for older wines
  • Attachments easily misplaced

Redevino produces this luxury wine aerator to provide a better aeration process for red or white wine. This aerator comes with a wide mouth, a stainless steel strainer and an aerating chamber that allows the wine to flow into the wine glass with its fullest flavor.

Wine is oxidized when it passes through the strainer that can be detached and placed inside the receiving area, and then is passed into the aerating chamber. Wine will not spill or splatter because the strainer is inside the vessel and is deep enough for easy and spill-free aeration.

The Redevino Luxury Wine Aerator comes with a detachable stand that can be put overa wine glass. The stand makes the aerator stable and holds it in place as the wine is poured, as well as making the task hands free. The aerator and the stand are made of acrylic, which makes it  easy to clean, and storageis convenient. This is a product that has a long service life and will not easily break. The strainer is rust resistant.


  • Aerator is made of acrylic
  • Provides good wine oxidation
  • Has a detachable stainless steel strainer
  • Has a stand for hands-free operation
  • Stand is made of acrylic
  • Ensures spill-free aeration
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Has a lifetime service guarantee


This is a product that has a long life and will be great for entertaining. The wine tastes fuller and properly textured without the bitterness and old wine smell.


The Redevino Luxury Wine Aerator is a product that uses two steps in aerating the wine. The first is through the strainer that lets the wine breathe by letting the liquid flow into the holes;it breaks the liquid into many streams to let the liquid molecules separate and gain more oxygen. Then, the liquid flows into the aerating chamber where the wine further oxygenated before it flows out of the spout.

When the wine is poured into the chamber and out to the glass, a soft hissing sound will be heard. This ensures that the wine is properly oxidized and bubbles can be seen on the wine’s surface.

The aerator comes with a stand that can be placed on top of a wine glass;you will not need to hold the aerator as the wine is being poured into the glass. The stand, as well as the aerator, is made of acrylic. The hands-free feature of this product can let bartenders pour two bottles simultaneously. The mouth of this product is wide and allows the wine to enter the vessel without spilling compared to other aerators with smaller openings.

This is a product that is good for entertaining because the wine can be served as soon as it is opened. There will be no need for a decanter or a letting wine breathe for hours before serving.

The strainer and the stand are detachable to allow for more flexibility; it will not limit the user to the two-step process. Some connoisseurs might find the flavor of the wine too bland if the strainer is used with the wine, and they can opt not to use it.

The stand is also detachable and if you decide to use a glass with a wider mouth, the aerator can still be held by hand. The body of the product has a rubber grip that makes the aerator stay firmly in your hand.

The product is guaranteed for a lifetime of use. The aerator and its accessories are well-constructed.


This is a product that has accessories that are detachable and may get misplaced. The product may also create a blander tasting vintage wine.


The Redevino Luxury Wine Aerator offers versatility and wine that has a greater and fuller bodied taste. Aeration is via a two-step process and lets the wine breathe through the stainless steel strainer and aerating chamber. The product comes with a stand that will let you pour the wine without holding the aerator. The product’s materials are sturdy and the product has a long service life.

This is an aerator that is easy to clean, and residue will not settle in any part of the product. The attachments are all detachable to let you choose the way the aerator is used.However, the stand and strainer can be misplaced. This is a product that is not recommended for use with vintage wines.

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