Rabbit Wine Opener with Accessories Review

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Quick Overview





  • Opener and foil cutter
  • Durable
  • Can use on any bottle
  • Easy to clean


  • Cork opener tends to release itself from the product and is hard to attach again. 
  • Parts small and easily lost

The Rabbit Wine Opener and Accessories are a good and quality set that includes a wine opener, foil cutter, aerator pourer and bottle stoppers. It is a product that can serve all purposes that a wine drinker will have for any occasion or event. The opener can efficiently open a bottle in 3 seconds and releases the cork without damage.

The set provides an extra spiral as well. Once the bottle is open, the Rabbit Wine Opener can switch to a wine aerator and the wine is oxygenated as soon as the wine is poured; there will be no need for a decanter or setting the wine out to breathe for a period of time before consumption.

The wine is then poured into the glass without spillage or mess. The stoppers that come with the set will preserve the wine as it keeps the bottle air-tight.

This is a product that is highly versatile and you do not need to buy other tools; the set will provide everything that is needed for serving wine and preserving leftovers. All accessories are washable and are made with high-quality polycarbonate for longtime use, and the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.


  • Set is complete with opener, wire cutter, aerator and stoppers
  • Opener releases cork in 3 seconds
  • All materials made of quality polycarbonate
  • Aerator improves the taste of your wine
  • Stoppers provide air-tight seal
  • All materials are washable
  • Easy to use
  • Fits all bottle sizes
  • Can be used for all types of wines
  • 10-year warranty


This set improves the wine-drinking experience and takes it to a more convenient and simpler method by providing all the tools that you need. The accessories are easy to use and durable.


This is a set that makes wine drinking convenient and simple. The accessories make the set complete and help you from opening the bottle, to storing the remaining wine. The opener quickly eases out the cork,with the manufacturer promising that the bottle will be open in 3 seconds. For wines that are sealed with foil, the Rabbit also includes a cutter.

Once the bottle is open, you can switch to the aerator pourer that will let the wine breathe as soon as it is poured. The aerator is straightforward and lets the wine swish inside the chamber before it is poured into the glass.

Aside from versatility, the product is well-made of polycarbonate material. This product will be able to last for a long time, and the durability will make the product useful for many years. It is reasonably priced for the quality and all the accessories that come with the set.

There will be no need to use a decanter for airing the wine’ the aerator and pourer are well made and also remove toxins from the wine. Any type of wine, in any type of bottle can be used with the product and the tannins evaporate as the wine passes through the pourer. The device has a tube that goes into the bottle, then tightened with a rubber gasket. As the bottle is tilted, the wine passes through the aerator.

Aside from the aerator, the stoppers will seal the bottle in an air-tight manner. The stoppers are also washable with soap and water.

Bartending is also convenient as the corks are opened right away and you can open many bottles quickly and effectively. You will not be injured or have to worry about breaking the bottle, which is a risk when using a poorly designed corkscrew.


The ear of the cork opener tends to release itself from the product and is hard to attach again. Parts are not easily stored and you can lose the small parts.


The Rabbit Wine Opener and Accessories is a quality product that many will find easy to use. The product is well made and there is no need to buy any other tool to enjoy the wine-drinking experience. The cork opener is highly efficient and will make opening bottles safe and convenient.

The aerator makes any type of wine better tasting, and eliminates the need for decanting. Storing wine will also be easily done because the bottle stoppers will keep the bottle airtight. However, the product comes with many small parts that tend to get lost if poorly stored.

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