Phiestina PH29-BD 29-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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Quick Overview





  • Dual cooling zones
  • Advanced refrigeration technology
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent value for money


  • No external temperature setting

Looking for a wine cooler to add to your home? One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to get a built-in or a freestanding unit. The difference is that a built-in wine cooler is always far more expensive. However, most if not all of them are designed such that they can be installed under the counter or used as a freestanding cooler.

If you’re willing to get such a wine cooler without going crazy with the cost, the Phiestina PH29-BD 29-bottle wine cooler could be exactly what you need. Apart from the versatility, it offers excellent cooling capability, an eye-catching design, and more. So, go right ahead and learn more about the Phiestina. Find out if it stands above, among, or below the competition.

Phiestina PH29-BD 29-Bottle Wine Cooler 

The Phiestina PH29-BD is a dual-zone compressor-powered wine cooler that can hold up to 29 standard bottles of wine. It is designed for professional and personal use. The stainless steel shelves give it a serious industrial look. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work in a more traditional-looking kitchen or living room. After all, it’s the wine that people will be paying attention to, no?

Who is this product for? 

It is a perfect match for those who wish some versatility from their wine cooler. It has all the right features that can make tickle a wine collector. The Phiestina is easy to install and operate, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it. If you know how to use a fridge, you know how to use a wine cooler – that’s a good mantra to live by.

The cooling capabilities, low noise, and attractive looks make it suitable for commercial use as well. It works great as a secondary refrigeration unit for the display of special vintages at a bar or restaurant. The dual-zone design allows you to keep your white and red wines two different temperatures.

What’s included?

You’ll get the wine cooler, a user manual, a safety specs sheet, and a warranty card in the box. The cooler is fully assembled and ready for your wine collection as soon as you plug it in.

Overview of features

Chances are you’ll consider installing the Phiestina within your kitchen cabinets. If that’s the case, you’ll want to know that the dimensions are 14.9 x 22.4 x 33.9 inches and the weight is 72 pounds. In any event, it’s compact and lightweight for a built-in wine cooler.

The Phiestina PH29-BD 29-bottle wine cooler comes with high-tech compressor cooling technology (at least that’s what the manufacturer claims even though we know that there hasn’t been any new invention in refrigeration technology in decades). But just bear with us for a moment. The duct system that distributes air and minimizes noise is actually pretty neat. It gets cold air to every bottle with equal effectiveness.

There are five shelves in total: two in the upper cooling zone and three lower. The removable shelves are made of stainless steel. By design, the highest and lowest shelves can hold larger bottles.

The top section offers a temperature range of 40°F to 50°F and the lower section 50°F to 66°F. As a connoisseur, you can probably guess that the top racks are for your whites and the lower racks your reds. As for the controls, they are inside.

How to install it

The installation may vary based on what you plan on doing with the Phiestina PH29-BD 29-bottle wine cooler. If you want to use it as a built-in unit, the first thing would be to find a spot for it. In fact, that’s also what you’d do if you’re to put it in any room as a freestanding fridge.

If you have to cut through your kitchen cabinets to build it in, you might have to hire help, as it’s slightly beyond the scope of this article.

Lastly, you might also want to level the cooler for the surface that it sits on.


  • Dual cooling zones
  • Advanced refrigeration technology
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent value for money


  • Have to open the door to adjust the temperature


We have a beauty in store for you in terms of an alternative. The excellent Kalamera KRC-30SZB 30-bottle wine cooler is worthy of your consideration and a formidable competitor for the Phiestina.

The Kalamera is also freestanding or built-in. It has almost the same bottle capacity and offers premium compressor cooling technology. However, there is only one temperature zone, which is not necessarily a deal-breaker.

The Kalamera has two safety features not found in the Phiestina: a door lock and temperature memory. The latter means that it’ll go back to the previous temperature after a power outage, though it’s not like the Phiestina (or any wine cooler without digital memory) wouldn’t turn back on – it will turn back on to factory settings.


In conclusion, the Phiestina PH29-BD is one of the best wine coolers of its class. It is perfectly suitable for commercial applications. If you’re in the market for one, you may not have to look any further.

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