Omni Wine Aerator Review

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Quick Overview





  • 2-stage aerating system
  • Includes a stand
  • Spillproof and no mess from pouring
  • Easy to wash
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • No attachments are necessary


  • Not good for old wines

The Omni Wine Aerator uses a two-stage process to aerate wine before it is poured into the glass. The wine is contained in an aerating vessel that swishes the wine into another aerating chamber. Oxygenation is done in two ways and reduces tannins in the wine. This produces a better taste and the old wine smell is gone.

This is a product that is made of quality materials and is certified by the FDA. The product is one solid piece and does not come with additional pieces or accessories that can easily get lost. Because the product is just one piece, there are no seams that may possibly be a source of leaking.

The Omni Wine Aerator filters the wine to produce a better-tasting and smoother wine. No accessories or added attachments are necessary. The aerator does not need electricity to operate.


  • Made of acrylic
  • Has 2-stage aerating system
  • Comes with stand
  • Removes toxins that produce the bitter taste
  • Made of one smooth body
  • Seamless and no attachments are necessary
  • Spillproof and no mess from pouring
  • Easy to wash
  • Has lifetime money-back guarantee


The Omni Wine Aerator is made for wine enjoyment and convenience. The aerator is durable and crackresistant, and the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee.


This is an aerator that produces a superior wine quality and high level of taste because it effectively gets rid of the tannins in the wine. The aerator is a single unit and does not have attachments that can lead to spilling. The wine goes through two stages of aeration where the wine swishes into the receptacle and then into an aerating chamber that infuses oxygen into the wine.

The wine is swished inside the receptacle before entering the chamber; it then flows into the glass and there will be a good number of bubbles that lie on the surface of the liquid which shows that the wine is fully aerated.

The product is good for any type of wine. Even vintage wine is improved, and the aeration process will not destroy the texture. The toxins and unwanted residue that are left from the aging process are removed and you will experience the entire bouquet of flavors. There will be no need to set the wine out for hours to breathe.

The aerator is easy to clean with soap and water. The wine will completelybe rinsed off with running water. The aerator does not have corners or seams that are hard to reach. Residue does not settle in any part of the product.

This is an aerator that is good for use when youare entertaining. It comes with a stand where the aerator can be put after it is used. Guests can use the aerator themselves and put it back on the stand. Bartending is also possible with this product because it makes wine serving quick and can be used for a large amount of wine.

The Omni Wine Aerator that is made for long-term use. The material composition of the product is acrylic and will not easilycrack or break. The product is lightweight and easy to hold. If it is going to be used with a decanter, the aerator should be securely held.


This is a product that will not be fit to use with really old wine. The two-step aeration process will likely destroy wines which are too old because the process will produce too much air.


The Omni Wine Aerator is easy to use and will not require electricity or additional attachments.It can be very useful when entertaining or when you want to enjoy your wine but do not have time to let the wine breathe for hours. The aerator’s two-step aeration system will decrease the tannins in the wine and make it more flavorful.

Wine is poured into the glass without spilling and the aeration is obvious with a number of bubbles on the surface. This is an aerator that is good for both red and white wines. However, the product is not suggested for use for really old wines because the aeration might be too much and reduce the taste because old wines are very fragile.

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