How to Make a Wine Cooler Colder

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Wine coolers are important appliances for all wine collectors. Their purpose is to set and maintain the ideal humidity and temperature in which to store bottles of wine and keep their quality intact.

All wine coolers should be able to reduce the inner temperature to the required level. If they can’t, it usually means that they aren’t working properly.

This article will explain how a wine cooler works, and what you can do to make it colder.

How Does a Wine Cooler Work?

If you move a bottle of wine from regular room temperature to a significantly colder environment, it will lose some if its quality over time. That’s why it’s not recommended to store wines in your home refrigerator.

Also, refrigerators are equipped with large compressors that vibrate. These vibrations can cause chemical reactions that decrease acids and esters in the wine, which may spoil the taste.

A wine cooler is designed to gradually reduce the internal temperature and maintain an ideal level of humidity inside. The thermoelectric cooler doesn’t vibrate at all and the compressor-based ones use much smaller compressors than refrigerators because they don’t have to run as cold.

How to Make a Wine Cooler Colder

A regular wine cooler shouldn’t go under 46°F, which is the optimal temperature for preserving the taste of wine. If your thermostat is displaying somewhere around this value, your wine cooler is working normally.

If your wine cooler can’t reduce the temperature to the required level, you should first check if everything is working properly.

Check the evaporator

The evaporator draws cold air from the coils into the inner area. When an evaporator doesn’t work properly, it can’t get the cold air inside.

You should check the fan of the evaporator for any gathered dust, ice, or debris.  Carefully clean off any dust and debris, or unplug the cooler to melt the ice.

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Check the thermostat

The thermostat is a temperature controller. It supplies the condenser and evaporator fan with a varying degree of power. If the thermostat is broken, it may struggle to keep the set temperature.

If your thermostat isn’t working, you should never attempt to fix or replace it on your own or risk causing bigger problems.

Inspect the compressor fan

A compressor fan should cool down the refrigerator’s coil and condenser. If this fan malfunctions, the temperatures in the cooler will rise. Similar to the evaporator fan, this one can also gather dirt and debris. Replacing the fan is easy and you can probably order one at any hardware or home improvement stores

Put It in a cooler environment

A thermoelectric electric wine cooler doesn’t use a compressor. The drawback is that its cooling efficiency depends on the environment. Only some of the freestanding wine coolers use this cooling technology. All built-in wine coolers are compressor-based, so you don’t have to worry about moving them.

If you have a freestanding thermoelectric wine cooler and the environment is too hot, there’s a chance that the cooler will never be able to reach the lowest temperatures. If that’s the case, you might want to move it to a darker and cooler area away from the sun.

Be careful with opened wine

You can’t keep an opened bottle of wine forever even in a wine cooler.

How Long Does White Wine Last After Opening?

So, how long does white wine last once opened?

Heavy or full-bodied white wines (over 13.5% of alcohol) will spoil quickly after they’re opened. This is because they are already highly oxidized during aging.

Once they’re opened, they will spoil a lot more quickly than lighter white wines for an average shelf life of up to three days. After that, the taste and quality will quickly degrade.

Lighter white wines last longer. If you preserve it in good conditions and recork it, it may last for a week.

How Long Is Red Wine Good for After Opening?

What about red wines? How long does red wine last once opened?

Red wine has a longer shelf life and it’s even recommended to let it breathe for a while before you drink it. The oxygen in the air will enhance the flavor of the red wine at first, which is not the case with white wine.

After you opened a bottle of red wine, it can stay corked in good conditions for up to 2 weeks before turning sour and spoiled.

Keep It Cold, But Not Too Cold

As you see, a wine cooler should reduce the temperature to around 46° F without any issues. If this isn’t the case, you should probably move it to a cooler area or troubleshoot it.

However, cold temperatures won’t preserve the quality of your opened wine forever. It’s a case of drink it if you have it, or risk wasting it.

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