How to Build a Diamond Wine Rack

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Build a Classy Diamond Wine Rack for Your Home from Scratch 


Many wine enthusiasts indulge in the expensive habit of wine collection. Spending a small fortune on the wine collection is a pastime for these enthusiasts. However, before you start your wine collection finding storage space for these expensive bottles is important.

Diamond racks are a classy way to show off your expensive wine bottle collection. You could display it in your kitchen or dining room and keep the bottles handy in case you need to pour yourself a drink. In case you don’t want to buy an expensive wine rack, building a wine rack would be the best way to save some money.

You only require a few tools, some wood and some patience to build a diamond wine rack with the dimensions that you require. Make sure that you decide on a space that you are going to store the wine rack before you build it. Measure the dimensions of the desired space so you can build the diamond rack accordingly.

How to Build a Wine Rack- A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Cutting out the wood pieces for the wine rack

The first step is to cut the wood into square pieces that you have purchased for the purpose. Cut the wood into four squares to form the top, bottom and sides of the rack.

Step 2: Smooth the Edges

In case the wood was purchased from a local vendor there are chances of some unevenness on it. Rub sandpaper on the edges of the cutouts to smooth them. Begin with rough grit sandpaper and finish by using a much finer grit. After you are done remove all the sandpaper with a tack cloth.


Step 3: Painting

Decide on the color of your wine cellar and buy the required paint. You could also choose to polish the wood for a classy and antique look. Paint the wooden boards before you build the wine rack. Give it ample time to dry before you start screwing them together.


Step 3: Making the cube

Take one of the boards and drill two holes on one end 2 inches from each side. Drill similar holes for all the boards. This will allow your boards to fit together using wood screws. Before you nail them together prop them up on the wall make sure that the sides sit comfortably on the bottom board and are flush with its edges. Screw all the boards together to make a square wine rack.


Step 4: Shaping the Diamond

Once your square is complete, you will need to measure the inside diagonals. Cut two more pieces out of the remaining wood according to the size of the diagonals that you just measured.  Laying your square rack on the floor, slide your diagonal pieces in. Put a mark at the spot where the pieces meet in the middle. Chisel out half of the width of each board from where they meet in the middle. This will create a slot in each board halfway through that will allow the boards to fit together.

Fit the diagonal pieces together and then slide them in your wooden square. This will complete your diamond wine rack which can store at least 16 wine bottles when propped against the wall.


You can choose to build more of these wine racks, prop them up side by side, and stack more racks on the top to get a larger diamond wine rack that can hold more wine bottles. Make sure you clean the bottles before you store them in the diamond rack. To keep bugs out of the rack, you could hang a piece of polyethylene sheeting over the face of the rack.

When stacking bottles in the rack, it’s a good idea to insert Bordeaux-style wine bottles, the ones with squarer shoulders, with their necks out. While the Burgundy-style bottles such as Chardonnay, hock-style bottles like Riesling, and champagne-style bottles should be placed with their necks pointed towards the wall. The latter type of bottles can tip forward and fall out onto the floor.

Additionally, if your floor is uneven make sure you prop up the wine rack on a solid foundation so that the frame leans back against the wall at a slight angle. You could also choose to attach bolts to the foundation or wall behind connecting the frame of the rack with strong wire or a nylon cord.

These diamond racks are best for storing and aging wines. They can also be used to store home canning jars filled with jams and other food items.


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