How to Choose the Right Wine Decanter

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The more you learn about wine, the more you understand the small details that can improve your drinking experience. Shifting wine from one container to another may not look like much, but it improves the taste and lets the fruit and floral aromas come out. If you are skeptical, the first time you’ll use a wine decanter you will actually see the difference.

Take your wine tasting experience a step forward and broaden the character of your favorite wine bottles. Here you’ll read everything you need to know when it comes to decanters, as well as how to choose the right one.

Why use a Wine Decanter?

To start with, a wine decanter is a serving vessel for liquids to undergo decantation. They are used for many kinds of alcohol, but mostly for red wine. When you decant a bottle of wine it separates from its sediment which is responsible for a bitter and astringent flavor that you’ve probably experienced.

Moreover, the oxygen that gets mixed with the wine while decanting helps it to come to life at an accelerated pace, bringing out more of its flavors.

How to use it

Decanting is simple but the way and amount of time needed vary depending on the wine. Full-bodied wines will take 1-2 hours, while the old ones will certainly take 2 hours. In general, the average time is about 40 minutes. Just pour wine into the decanter and try to do it in a way so that it hits the sides of the glass. Let it sit for twenty minutes and try it. You will probably taste the difference already.

After the amount of time needed it will be dramatically evolved and improved. It might be more common among the expensive brands but keep in mind that even the cheap ones can benefit.


We’ve pretty much covered the advantages of pouring wine into a decanter before consuming, but let’s sum them up:

  • they make cheap wines taste better
  • they make expensive wines even better; they bring out all the flavors and aromas that the producer intended to give
  • they’re simply attractive and improve the overall experience

Cleaning Your Decanter

There are special decanter cleaners on the market, which basically are big pipe cleaners with a hand. If you don’t want to spend any money on that, use a non-metallic sponge and a wooden spoon. Push it inside the decanter and clean the sides and the bottom.

As for drying, there is also a decanter dryer or just let it dry upside down on a towel. Avoid using vinegar, especially if they’re crystal. Never use detergent, because the shape of a decanter makes it very difficult to get the soapy residue out.

Choosing a Wine Decanter

What should you consider before buying a wine decanter?


They are separated into two categories, depending on the kind of the neck. Other than that, they come in various shapes and sizes to meet your preferences.

1. Wide Neck Decanters

This is the most popular type among wine drinkers. It favors aeration to allow more oxygen in, faster and more effectively.
Also, they are easier to clean.

2. Thin Neck Decanters

These focus on separating the sediment from the wine, an important but complicated process and especially when it comes to expensive bottles. What you need to do is pour the wine slowly with a light source nearby and stop every time you spot any sediment.

It certainly takes time and it’s not quite recommended if you don’t decant an old aged wine, per se. It doesn’t favor aeration and as you can understand, it’s harder to clean and requires a special brush.


There is a big range of models and thus a big range of prices on the market. It all depends on what you need it for. Do you just care for aeration? Or separating the sediment? The style can also be a factor. The answers to such questions will help you decide whether you can keep a low budget or make an investment.


If you often host people and consume large quantities of wine you’ll be happy to know that there are decanters fitting more than one bottles. In this case, don’t forget that the wine shouldn’t sit in the decanter too long or it turns to acid.


Some people just focus on the function, but others consider the looks, too. There are plenty of stylish decanters on the market for people that seek out to the aesthetics and the details; some of them can easily be taken as pieces of art.


The most well-known and common material for decanters is glass since it can maintain the existing flavors of the wine. However, if you’re willing to spend more money you can acquire a delicate crystal decanter.

Overall Ease

If you are a wine lover you will be using the decanter a lot, even on a daily basis. This is exactly why it’s essential that you feel comfortable to use it and that it’s functional for you. You want it to be easy to hold, easy to pour from, easy to clean, etc. You’ll buy it in order to maximize your experience and enjoy yourself,so you don’t want any troubles.


You don’t have to be a wine expert in order to use a decanter and take the best out of it. They will improve the flavor of your wine, no matter its price or age. Anyone who appreciates a good glass of wine will benefit. Relax and enjoy your wine to its best quality; smell and taste all the aromas and flavors that you’ve been missing out without a wine decanter.

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