Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener Review

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Quick Overview





  • Powerful motor
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Includes vacuum sealer
  • Great uncorking capacity


  • Expensive
  • Loud
  • Change me to a CON

Electric openers are well-loved among wine aficionados. What’s more, they have found their way into restaurants, bars, and catering companies.

These versatile gadgets simply do the job fast and they also look impressive. However, not all electric openers are equally efficient. To give you a better picture of what makes an electric opener great, this write-up takes a close look at what the Cuisinart wine opener has to offer.

Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener 

In the world of home and kitchen accessories, Cuisinart needs little introduction. It offers a line of top-quality products and the company’s electric opener is no different. The model in this review is powerful, versatile, and comes with two accessories. Plus, it’s built to give you years of carefree service.

Who is this product for?

Cuisinart minimizes the effort and time that’s needed to open a bottle. This is enough to make it appealing to anyone, from wine lovers to busy catering services. However, this model has even more to offer.

The Cuisinart opener sports a sleek design that can fit any bar or kitchen, contemporary or traditional. The design is also functional since it provides better handling and comfort.

With this in mind, the relatively high price comes as no surprise. But Cuisinart offers great value for the money and you shouldn't hesitate to spend extra to get this premium tool.

What’s included?

This Cuisinart electric wine opener is actually a three-piece set. The opener comes with a docking/charging station. There is a slide-out foil cutter on the front and the set also includes a vacuum stopper.

The stopper is mechanical and quite big, so it should fit bottles that are larger than the Bordeaux style. It also features a numbered dial to remind you when the bottle was sealed. However, the dial is black (to match the tool’s minimalist design) so you might find it hard to read the set value.

All in all, the package has everything you need to open a bottle and the sealer is a nice extra. But some may find the absence of a pourer/aerator annoying.

Overview of features

The Cuisinart opener has one of the most powerful motors out there and it can pull out up to 80 corks on a single charge. The built-in NiMH battery pack provides juice for the motor and it is also responsible for the high uncorking capacity.

The manufacturer doesn’t specify the recharge time but it powers up pretty fast. However, you won’t need to keep the unit on the charger for 12 hours the first time, like you would with many other models.

The opener’s design is one of the main highlights here. It features a rubberized body with slight curves to better the grip. The Cuisinart opener also sports large metal up and down buttons and the corkscrew worm is hidden behind the stainless steel section at the bottom. Given the high-performance nature of the device, it should work well with both synthetic and natural corks, including older corks.

The charging station follows the sleek opener design with a stainless steel trim on top. There are two LEDs that indicate power and charge, and there are no other lights on the device. The foil cutter is conveniently positioned in the front pocket, it’s made of plastic, and features sharp metal blades.

How to use it

Ease of use is one of the best things about electric wine openers. You just place the opener atop the bottle, after you’ve removed the foil. Press and hold the down button until it removes the cork, then press the up button to get the opener off the bottle.

To get the cork out, hold up button again until it unwinds from the worm. In case you don’t finish the bottle, put the vacuum sealer on top and press down a few times to get the air out. The more wine there is in the bottle, the quicker it is to seal it.


  • Powerful motor
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Includes vacuum sealer
  • Great uncorking capacity


  • Can be loud
  • Upper price range


Considering all that it offers, the Cuisinart is certainly one of the best models out there. But if you are looking for a budget alternative, the Cusibox electric opener could be a good choice for you. This model has an electric vacuum sealer and two bottle stoppers.

It is elegant, durable, and somewhat more compact than the Cuisinart. However, it doesn’t have the same uncorking capacity – it can remove up to 45 corks on a single charge.


The Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener is designed to impress and it provides a performance to match. It sits well in the hand and you can feel the powerful motor once you squeeze the button. It’s worth noting that the motor is loud, though the sound isn’t especially unpleasant. The noise is only a minor downside when you consider all the other impressive features this wine opener has to offer.

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