Cheer Moda Wine Opener Set Review

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Quick Overview





  • 6-piece wine set
  • Mechanical vacuum tool
  • Great aerator
  • Lithium battery
  • Uncorks 60 bottles on a single charge


  • On the expensive side

A wine opener set is an excellent present that can take the wine serving ritual to the next level. But you don’t want to settle for just any set. A good one needs to feature premium materials and a few great accessories. Plus, it should work well with new, old, synthetic, and natural corks.

One such set comes from Cheer Moda and it has all the tools needed to keep any wine connoisseur happy. Read on to get a better understanding of all the characteristics that make this set special.

Cheer Moda Wine Opener Set

Cheer Moda is a relatively new brand that offers top-of-the-line wine openers and accessories. The set in this review belongs to the company’s Gifting series and it’s available in two colors - silver and black. This is an exclusive 6-piece set, and it’s important to note that smaller sets are also available.

Who is this set for?

Those who have an eye for fine wine accessories are bound to like the Cheer Moda set at first sight. It’s one of the best sets you can choose if you’re shopping for a present.

But can this Cheer Moda be used for commercial purposes? Without a doubt, this set fits the needs of catering businesses, bars, restaurants, wine tasting rooms, etc. It has all the accessories necessary to open and pour wine the right way, the electric opener can uncork up to 60 bottles on a single charge, and the impressive design is an upside too.

Unsurprisingly, all this comes at a premium price. This set is in the upper price range but it’s not that far off from other sets with a similar capacity and accessories.

What’s included?

There are six pieces and the main highlights are the electric wine opener and the manual vacuum sealer. However, the other items in the set shouldn’t be overlooked either. You get an excellent stainless steel foil cutter, an aerator, and two vacuum stoppers.

The aerator is made of durable plastic and it features a stainless steel ring for extra rigidity. Its spigot is also well-designed and it should bring the best out of your vintages. As for the stoppers, they work with the vacuum sealer and have a date dial to remind you when you closed a bottle.

In addition to this, all of the items are fit on the Cheer Moda docking station that doubles as the electric opener’s charger.

Overview of features

To start with the materials, this set features a combination of 304 stainless steel and durable plastic. The wine opener sports the usual tubular design and the corkscrew worm is protected by a transparent glass casing. Once you start using this tool, the worm gets illuminated by a purple LED.

The up and down buttons are quite large and easy to reach, but the wine opener body doesn’t have any soft grips or contours. The stainless steel is brushed, which improves the grip to some extent. Overall, this compact opener sits well in the hand.

The Cheer Moda mechanical vacuum sealer also deserves special attention. This tool is designed to complement the vacuum sealer and the full stainless steel body gives it a futuristic appeal. Remember that your wine should be good for about a week after you seal it.

Unlike most other models, the Cheer Moda electric opener is powered by a lithium battery. This is one of the reasons the opener can uncork up to 60 bottles on a single charge.

How to use it

Using this opener is the same as with any other model. Grab the foil cutter and remove the foil, then place the opener onto the cork. Press the down button and watch the machine do its magic.

In about six seconds, the cork will be out. When you want to seal the remaining wine, place the stopper on top and use the vacuum tool to seal the bottle.


  • 6-piece wine set
  • Lithium battery
  • Uncorks 60 bottles on a single charge
  • Great aerator
  • Mechanical vacuum tool


  • Upper price range


Cheer Moda offers one of the best sets in the market, but if you are looking for something more affordable, the Ivation set is a good alternative. It features six pieces and an electric vacuum sealer. As for the materials, this set also sports a combination of stainless steel and high-quality plastic.

The Ivation set comes with a charger/stand and all of the tools have their place on it. The electric opener can uncork up to 30 bottles on a single charge and it’s quite compact at 2 x 9.7 inches. But you should know that Cheer Moda looks better and features a superior foil cutter.


Whichever way you look at it, the Cheer Moda set is one of the best you can get. From great build quality to a stunning look, this set can impress any wine lover. Plus, it can be an attractive functional piece in wine tasting rooms and restaurants. The only real downside is the price but remember that you are getting a set that’s built to last.

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