Can I Use Wine Cooler for Beer

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If you want to keep the quality of your wine at the highest possible level, you’d store it in a wine cooler. This appliance can maintain a higher temperature than a refrigerator, which benefits various types of wine.

However, you may wonder if it’s possible to store beer in a wine cooler to achieve similar effects. Let’s look at the benefits of a wine cooler and whether it’s good for storing beer.

Wine Cooler vs. Regular Refrigerator

Refrigerators are designed to reach very low temperatures quickly, which is important for preventing food spoilage (food will spoil at above 40° F). However, less than 40° F is not good for storing wine. In addition, wine coolers also gradually reduce the internal temperatures so as not to reduce the quality of the wine.

Perhaps more importantly, wine coolers operate at the ideal wine storage temperatures and are better able to keep it there. Almost all types of wine require higher temperatures than a regular refrigerator is designed for.

Wine coolers are also much smaller and more convenient than refrigerators. Unlike refrigerators, they can fit in almost any rooms due to their size and look. You may keep it next to a sofa in your living room and you’ll always have a fresh drink while watching a game.

Keeping beverage in a wine cooler can be a good way to separate drinks from the rest of your groceries. It also maintains the ideal beverage temperature, and a more constant temperature because you’re not going in and out of a wine cooler all day, as you do with a refrigerator.

Can I Store Beer in a Wine Cooler?

Yes, you can store your beer in wine cooler. It’s even recommended sometimes due to the wine cooler’s ability to maintain certain temperatures.

Wine and beer are similar in that there are various types of them that require completely different storage temperatures. Canned, bottled, and cellared beers all require a completely different temperature range. For example:

  • 40° to 50°F is an ideal temperature range for light beers (low-calorie beer, lagers, pilsner, and wheat beer)
  • 50° to 55°F for standard ales (IPA, Stout, Amber Bock, etc.)
  • 55° to 60°F for dark beers (Triple Ale, Dark Ale, and other ultra-strong beers)

If you want to store multiple beer types in your cooler, the optimal temperature should be between 50°F and 55°F as a compromise for all types of beer.

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Why Should I Store Beer in a Wine Cooler?

As mentioned, wine coolers are designed to maintain higher temperatures. As such, they require much smaller compressors and don’t run nearly as loudly as regular fridges.

Most beers require a warmer environment than that of a fridge. That’s where a wine cooler would make sense.

Also, if you’re a beer aficionado, you should know that extremely cold beverages numb your taste receptors. If you drink a bottle of beer straight out of the fridge, your taste buds will lose sensation and you’ll miss out on the full potential.

Wine coolers will keep the beer at the right temperature so that you can fully enjoy the taste. This is why many homebrewers keep their beer in wine coolers rather than regular refrigerators

On top of that, those who want to preserve their crafted beers should always opt for a wine cooler. The extremely cold temperature of a fridge can dry out the cork and expose the content of the bottle to air and oxygen.

Where to Keep a Beer (Wine) Cooler?

There’s nothing better than playing video games or watching a game on TV and have your beer within reach. Wine coolers are usually small and a fine addition to any room.

You can experiment with the position of the cooler and the built-in sorts can be installed into a cabinet or counter. This can add a particular aesthetic to your interior.

Some brewers modify stock wine coolers and turn them into kegerators. Of course, this will require some DIY skills and craftsmanship. You need to remove all the shelves in order to fit a keg, assuming that the wine cooler is big enough. After that, you’ll have to attach a faucet and a tap handle to the top of the cooler. And then you need to insert a CO2 tank for pressuring the beer and pushing it out.

Other Uses for a Wine Cooler

Besides storing beer, you can use a wine cooler to store other beverages. Since it will cool down drinks without making them extra cold, you can store all non-alcoholic beverages in a wine cooler too. Some of these drinks may include juice, soda, water bottles, energy drinks, etc.

On the other hand, storing milk and other dairy products in wine cooler is not recommended. Milk needs temperatures below 40°F, which are outside the capabilities of wine coolers.

Here’s the heart of the matter: You can totally store beer in a wine cooler. In fact, there are dual-zone wine coolers on the market that are optimized for beer and wine in each of the two zones.

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