Best Wine Racks of 2020 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Whether you’re a hardcore collector or an aspiring wine aficionado, you need the right wine rack to store and display your collection. From table-top models to large racks that cover an entire wall, there are many models to choose from. Of course, your selection should depend on your collection size and your needs.

However, there’s more to getting a good wine rack than meets the eye. The following sections feature a list of the best wine racks you can order today, and there’s also a buyer’s guide to help you make an educated purchase.

Best Wine Rack Comparison Chart

Wall Mounted Wine Rack | Bottle & Glass Holder | Cork Storage Store Red, White, Champagne | Come with 6 Cork Wine Charms | Home & Kitchen Décor | Storage Rack | Designed by Anna Stay,Wine

SODUKU Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack 6 Bottles No Need Assembly

GONGSHI 3 Tier Stackable Wine Rack, Countertop Cabinet Wine Holder Storage Stand – Hold 12 Bottles, Metal (Bronze)

Sorbus Wine Rack Stand Bordeaux Chateau Style – Holds 23 Bottles of Your Favorite Wine – Elegant Looking French Style Wine Rack to Compliment Any Space – No Assembly Required (Black)

VASAGLE Wood 20 Wine Display Rack, Standing Bottles Storage Shelf, Wobble-Free, Espresso ULWR01BR

Best Wine Racks Reviews

Anna Stay Wine Rack (Wall Mounted)

Coming from a popular home décor manufacturer, this wine rack could stand out as a nice accent piece in your kitchen or bar. Since it’s quite compact, the Anna Stay rack also makes for a nice gift. As indicated, it is wall-mounted and there are additional storage sections that make the rack practical.

Product Highlights

This wine rack has been carefully crafted to be a beautiful storage unit and glassware organizer. To be exact, the rack features four glass holders and a cork compartment. Just open the mesh door on the side and drop in the cork from your favorite merlot or chardonnay.

Wine bottles go on top of the rack and they are placed in a standing position. This section can hold five Bordeaux-style bottles and there is some wiggle room, so you might be able to place an even larger bottle. Speaking of size, the rack measures 4 x 8.1 x 16.6 inches and it’s important to note that the height includes the glassware holders.

As for the material, the Anna Stay rack is made of metal and it sports a durable black finish. A brown option is also available, and it is dubbed ‘Home’ rather than ‘Wine.’ Another great thing about this model is the easy installation. All you need are basic tools and the required screws, and the instructions are included in the package.

The Anna Stay Wine Rack can be a great gift set for wine aficionados. Aside from the rack itself, you get a box of six wine glass charms made of cork. They all feature a cute word and a metal ring. The charms latch onto the glass stem and they help your guests keep track of the glass.

The Good

If you’re on the hunt for a gift, this wine rack is one of the best you can get. The cork compartment and glassware holders are also a nice addition and the charms are a unique bonus. You don’t need to be particularly handy to install the unit, and it feels and looks well-built. Plus, the price fits most budgets.

The Bad

The only downside of this rack is that the bottles are in an upright position. All in all, this is more of a display piece than a rack for long-term wine storage.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Includes glassware holder and cork compartment
  • Affordable
  • Looks elegant
  • Great as a gift


Bottles are upright


Soduku Wine Rack (Tabletop)

The Soduku is one of the best wine racks for new collectors because it’s compact, versatile, and built to last. This rack is also lightweight, considering its storage capacity, and you can easily move it from one place to another.

Product Highlights

The Soduku measures 7.5 x 7.8 x 13.6 inches and about 4.4 pounds. There is room for six bottles, positioned horizontally at an angle. The bottleneck bottom sits in one circle and the body sits in the opposite circle.

This model doesn’t feature support for the bottle body, but that doesn’t affect the stability in any way. The circular holders are also quite large and you should be able to easily place bigger bottles. However, the bottle heel protrudes slightly from the back so you might not be able to position the rack directly to a wall.

When it comes to the construction, the Soduku is a sturdy combination of metal and wood. The frame is made of heavy-duty metal with a matte black protective finish. There are two rustic wood blocks to provide additional structural integrity and make the rack more stylish.

The boxy design of this unit may lead you to believe that it can be placed on its side. However, the bottom section has four small feet which indicate the base and your wine won’t sit right if you position the rack any other way.

The Good

The rugged construction is one of the main highlights here. Your wines are positioned horizontally at an optimal angle, so this unit works great as long-term storage. The rack comes fully assembled, the only thing you need to do is find the right place for it. What’s more, the price of the Soduku won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The Bad

The six-bottle capacity might be too small for veteran collectors. However, the Soduku’s design makes it a great secondary unit. For example, you can use it as a display rack for special vintages or those that are about to be served.


  • Built to last
  • Stylish rustic look
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Compact


Limited bottle capacity


Gongshi Wine Rack (Freestanding/Stackable)

If you need a wine rack that offers ample storage and flexibility, the Gongshi model should be right up your alley. Unlike most of the competition, this unit is stackable, which allows you to remove and reposition sections whichever way you deem fit.

Product Highlights

Gongshi is an off-brand manufacturer, but this is not a deal-breaker by any means. The stackable sections are made of thick steel and they come with bronze and embossed bronze finishes.

You don’t need to worry about this rack wobbling, falling, or tilting, even if you slam into it by accident. The empty unit is heavier than most, weighing 5.4 pounds. When you add the weight of the wine, the entire unit is not likely to budge.

The Gongshi features three sections and each one holds four bottles, twelve in total. The bottle slots are designed to house standard-size bottles — 750ml and 3.5 inches or less in diameter.

Each section features four small balls at the bottom and four holes at the top, which let you stack the sections one atop the other. Needless to say, the balls fit the holes perfectly and they are designed to prevent damage to the standing surface.

With all three sections stacked together, this rack is 12.9 inches tall, and each section measures 4.3 x 6.7 x 17.5 inches. Due to this, the Gongshi is quite compact and it fits countertops, kitchen cabinets, basement shelving units, and more.

Finally, this is rack is one of the most affordable you can get. If you have a bigger collection, why not order two and double the capacity?

The Good

Without a doubt, build quality is a major selling point of the Gongshi. You get a rigid steel construction with anti-static powder coating. Then again, this rack is stackable and each section can be a small individual rack. The bottle capacity is more than enough for most wine aficionados.

The Bad

As indicated, Gongshi is not a household name but that can be easily overlooked due to the rack’s quality. However, if you need a rack to store large bottles, this model might not be the right fit. The diameter caps at 3.7 inches and anything above that might not sit well on the rack.


  • Stackable racks
  • Holds 12 standard-size bottles
  • Budget-friendly


  • Off-brand manufacturer
  • Cannot store large bottles


Sorbus Wine Rack (Freestanding/Chateau-style)

The Sorbus wine rack is designed to impress, but it also offers a sturdy construction and an impressive bottle capacity. It fits any interior, contemporary or traditional, and it comes from one of the leading home décor retailers.

Product Highlights

To start, the Sorbus has a bottle capacity of 23 and measures 7 x 13 x 34 inches. The unit comes fully assembled and it is designed to be freestanding. As such, it is a perfect choice for kitchens, wet bars, or wine cellars. Additionally, this wine rack wouldn’t look out of place in wine tasting rooms and restaurants.

Like some other models, the Sorbus comes fully assembled. The metal frame has a protective black coating and it features X-bars on the sides and top to improve stability. True to its French origins, this rack has an arch on top.

There is also a handle to help your reposition the rack. Of course, you shouldn’t attempt to do this when the rack is fully loaded. The unit is slim for its capacity and lightweight at about 7 pounds.

The wines sit horizontally and the circular holders are positioned to keep the bottles at an optimal angle. Because of this, the Sorbus is a great option for long-term wine storage if you own a small collection.

The Good

The Sorbus draws attention and keeps your collection safe and sound. While it is perfectly suitable for commercial spaces, its price fits any budget. There are four colors to choose from – black, bronze, white, and silver – so you are bound to find one that fits your interior.

The Bad

This wine rack is designed for standard size bottles like Bordeaux, Burgundy, or even Champagne. But if you need a rack to keep magnum or demi wine bottles, this one might not be the right fit.


  • French-style freestanding rack
  • Holds 23 bottles
  • Rigid construction
  • Comes in four finishes


Only fits standard bottle sizes


Vasagle Wine Rack (Freestanding)

Vasagle is yet another company that aims to deliver quality furniture and home accessories at prices that most people can afford, without causing damage to the environment. If you’re looking for a well-balanced and affordable wine rack, consider this one.

Product Highlights

First of all, the Vasagle is made of MDF and it has a light brown finish. The rack has five tiers and it can hold up to twenty (standard size, 750ml) bottles in a horizontal position.

The Vasagle has a neutral look which fits well with different interiors. The dimensions are 9.9 x 17.1 x 28.5 inches, but it’s not exactly lightweight at 9.5 pounds. Although it won’t be easy to move it around, more weight means better stability.

It’s worth noting that the Vasagle arrives in pieces and you need to put it all together. Of course, the package includes all the instructions and the tools you need, and the assembly shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

The Good

The Vasagle provides an optimal combination of flexibility, design, and bottle capacity at a relatively low price. Those who want a rack for their bar or restaurant can’t go wrong with this model.

The Bad

This wine rack is entirely made of MDF, which is not as durable as metal. Additionally, the assembly process might be annoying for some. However, these are small compromises to make when you factor in the rack’s stability and bottle capacity.


  • Versatile design
  • 20-bottle capacity
  • Can be used commercially


  • Assembly required
  • Made of MDF


Buyer’s Guide

All the best wine racks share certain characteristics, but the type, size, and design of the rack you choose should largely depend on your individual needs. The next few paragraphs take a close look at each important feature, so you know what you need to look at.

Types of Wine Racks

Wine rack types are not set in stone, but they can be divided into four categories. Here is a quick overview.


By design, these racks are small, compact, and usually hold between four and ten bottles. They are a good choice for those who just have a small collection that doesn’t sit on the rack for long.

You are likely to keep this kind of rack in the dining room. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to store the wine at an optimal temperature in this case.


Freestanding racks can be quite big and they offer very good bottle capacity. Wine cabinets belong to this category and they are arguably the most stylish option you can get. Freestanding models are great once you become more serious about your collection and you’re ready to place your wine under climate-controlled conditions.


This option is by far the most versatile and you usually get three or more sections that lock together. A great thing about these is that you can always purchase more sections as your wine collection grows. In general, stackable wine racks are also compact, and they might even fit inside your kitchen cabinet.


Wall-mounted racks come in different shapes and sizes. They range from small home décor items to large units that are suitable for serious collections. Their main draw is the sturdiness and structural rigidity. If you go for a small one, it can be a great present.

Size and Capacity

Small tabletop and wall-mounted racks hold only three or four bottles and take up almost no space. On a much grander scale, the size and capacity of a wine rack can be determined by the height or width of your wall. In fact, some manufacturers even offer online calculators for this.

The middle ground is between 20 and 30 bottles. These racks are usually freestanding, they measure about 10 x 18 x 30 inches, and they offer a great deal of flexibility and don’t look out of place in commercial spaces.


Design-wise, there are four types of wine racks – column, big bottle, holder, and cubes. The holder is probably the simplest and is often used at social gatherings and promotions. Cubes are a bit bigger and tabletop racks fall into this category.

The column design is associated with freestanding and some wall-mounted models. They can be quite large and there are some that offer vertical storage. As the name suggests, big bottle racks are designed to hold magnums and similar bottles.


The best wine rack materials are metal and natural wood. The metal ones are usually made of steel or wrought iron, and both offer great durability, sturdiness, and support. Red oak, cedar, pine, and fir are all commonly used wood types. If you are ready to spend more for the sake of aesthetics, mahogany is also an option.

Of course, wine racks can be made of plastic, MDF, and other similar materials. But these don’t have the same appeal and durability as metal or wood.


The price depends on the material, size, capacity, or intricacy of the design. With custom racks, the price can go sky-high, especially if you have a taste for exotic wood.

On the other hand, you can get a 20-bottle freestanding model for under $50 and it won’t be made of cheap plastic or synthetic materials. There are also good racks that can hold 50 or more bottles for under $100.


What to look for when choosing wine racks

There are three main characteristics you should pay attention to when choosing a wine rack – type, materials, and bottle capacity. These features are all equally important.

You know the size of your collection, so it should be easy to determine the type and bottle capacity. For example, a freestanding or bigger wall-mounted unit is great for medium-sized collections. As for materials, always go for the best you can afford (preferably metal or natural wood).

What are wine racks?

Wine racks are special shelving/storage units which are designed to hold wine bottles. Their size, shape, and bottle capacity differs. If you have a large collection, keep in mind that there are companies that specialize in building custom wine racks.

Where to put a wine rack

As a rule, a wine rack needs to be placed in a room with the right temperature. Both reds and whites mature the best at 55°F, so you should aim to stay between 50°F and 60°F if possible.

On the other hand, it’s okay to keep smaller countertop racks in your dining room or kitchen. Considering the limited capacity of these units, you are likely to use them for wine that you intend to open within a few weeks or months.

How do you store wine in a rack?

Wine connoisseurs made wine storage into an art form. The basic rules are that your wine rack needs to be in a dark place and at the optimal temperature, and the humidity levels shouldn’t go above 70%. Avoid placing the rack near anything that has a strong smell.

In addition to this, the bottles need to be in a horizontal position to ensure the cork doesn’t dry out. Needless to say, the rack should be stable and secure and it shouldn’t wobble even if you give it a slight shake.

How to hang a wine rack

Hanging wine racks starts with good preparation. First, you need to inspect the wall and determine if it can support the weight of the rack fully loaded. It is possible to hang smaller racks on drywalls but you might need special screws.

Next, you need to carefully measure and mark the position of the holes. Then drill the holes and place plastic pegs to improve the grip of the screws. Now, you can position the rack and proceed to secure it to the wall.

It’s best to have someone help you, even if the rack is smaller. After you get the first screw in, take a leveling tool and make sure the rack is properly aligned before you get the second screw in.

Final Verdict

This review lists some of the best wine racks available, and two models truly stand out. If you want a wall-mounted model to surprise a wine-loving friend, the Anna Stay Wine Rack is the best. This model is stylish, reasonably priced, and it comes with bonus wine charms.

Those looking for something bigger and worthy of a wine collection should consider the Sorbus Wine Rack. Given its build quality, French charm, and bottle capacity, the Sorbus is bound to meet your needs.

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