Best Wine Opener of 2020Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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A wine opener is an essential tool that can be found in almost any kitchen or wet bar. The art of wine opening could be the first skill you master before you can start enjoying pinots and chardonnays. But how do you select the best wine opener for you? What are the features to look for?

Right off the bat, the right opener is the one that feels comfortable to use. Remember, pulling out a cork shouldn’t feel like pulling out Excalibur. To help you narrow down the choice and find the right model, this write-up features detailed reviews of top wine openers.

Best Wine Opener Comparison Chart

Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup – All-in-one Wine Corkscrew and Bottle Opener With Bonus Wine Stopper in a Deluxe Presentation Box

OXO SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Removable Foil Cutter

Secura SWO-3N-AR Premium Lover’s Gift Set Electric Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine Aerator, Premium Set 7pc Premium Set 7pc

Electric Wine Opener, BFULL Cordless Bottle Opener Electric Corkscrew, 2PCS Opener Includes Automatic Wine Opener, Air Pressure Wine Opener, Vacuum Stoppers(2pcs), Foil Cutter, Wine Aerator Pourer

Waring Commercial WWO120 Portable Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Recharging Station

Best Wine Opener Reviews

HiCoup Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

The HiCoup model has a lot going in its favor. The opener is easy to operate because of the wing design and it incorporates a regular bottle opener. As such, the HiCoup wing corkscrew is a great choice for veteran sommeliers, waiters, and also new wine connoisseurs. Plus, the model ships in an elegant package with a complimentary bottle stopper.

Product Highlights 

The ergonomic design and great aesthetics are the two main highlights of this model. The turning knob is 2 inches wide, allowing you to get a good grasp and turn without too much effort. The screw has a non-stick coating to make your job even easier.

The HiCoup body is somewhat longer than other wing models and the bottom collar is engineered to sit snugly on top of the bottle. Due to this design, you don’t need to worry that the screw will go too far into the cork and break it.

As for the wings, they are 3 inches long, quite broad, and exceptionally sturdy. They also sport an ergonomic grip to make the pull-out motion easier for you. This ensures that you don’t need to wrestle with long or stubborn corks when it’s necessary to apply a bit more pressure.

The regular bottle opener doubles as a turning knob and a tool to pop 12-ounce bottles with ease. It’s worth mentioning that the neck that connects the opener and screw is quite thick, providing additional stability to the entire unit.

Last but not least, you’ll surely appreciate the HiCoup’s elegant design. The wine opener’s body features a black finish and the wings’ accents are the same.

The Good

Given the overall design, build quality, and ease of use, the HiCoup winged wine opener is one of the best models in the market. The manufacturer also offers great customer service and a lifetime guarantee. It might seem hard to believe, but you can return the opener whenever you like, no questions asked.

The Bad

To be honest, you’d be hard-pressed to find features that are a downside. In terms of comfort, aesthetics, and design, HiCoup is one of the best, if not the best model. However, the price might be too high for some.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Black finish on the body
  • Elegant box
  • Complimentary bottle stopper
  • Comfortable to use


The price


OXO Steel Vertical Lever Wine Opener

The OXO Steel Vertical Lever is a true showstopper because it looks and feels like a wine opener that would be used on the Starship Enterprise. But this model has much more to offer than just its futuristic aesthetics. Each design element is there to provide comfort, ease of use, and a safe pull.

Product Highlights

First of all, this model is a bit bigger and it measures 2.6 x 7.3 x 7.7 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds. That said, this OXO is not bulky by any means and its body is designed to allow for a good grip even if you have smaller hands. The added weight comes from the stainless steel structural elements and it allows the opener to sit firmly on top of the bottle.

The OXO also sports a high-quality lever that’s made of die-cast zinc. The lever features a soft grip that prevents slipping and provides additional comfort. The entire uncorking action can be done in four simple steps – pull up the lever, position the opener onto the bottle, pull the lever down and then back up, and you’re done.

There is no twisting, wrestling, or squeezing with this model. Aside from the special body and lever design, the corkscrew itself is responsible for effortless operation. It’s sleek and sturdy with a non-slip coating, plus it works well with synthetic corks. And what’s best about it is that you get two corkscrews in the package.

Speaking of package, this OXO wine opener ships in a special box that can double as storage for the opener. What’s more, the opener features a removable foil cutter which is designed for quick grip-and-twist operation.

The Good

The die-cast zinc lever and stainless steel construction provide build quality that’s hard to rival. But then, the OXO is also a conversation starter. Just imagine your guests’ faces when they see this tool in action.

The Bad

While this wine opener is not bulky, it cannot be called compact either. This OXO is not a wine opener you just throw in a kitchen drawer, as it might take up too much space. However, this is a small price to pay considering that it does come with its own storage box.


  • Futuristic design
  • Die-cast zinc and stainless steel elements
  • Includes foil cutter


Tricky to store


Secura Electric Wine Opener

You might be wondering why electric wine openers are getting so popular. When you take a closer look at this Secura, you’ll understand that it’s not only a fad. The model has all the bells and whistles that are bound to make any wine enthusiast happy. Keep on reading to find out more.

Product Highlights

To start with the opener design, the Secura wine opener features a tubular metal body and the corkscrew is protected by an acrylic cap. Albeit mostly cosmetic, the blue LED light is a nice touch and it might help you position the opener.

The unit comes with a charger, it provides wireless operation, and the charger can double as an elegant stand. But that’s not all. The package includes an acrylic foil cutter and a wine aerator, plus you get a stand for each of the extras (the cutter stand is on the charger). To make this wine kit travel-ready, there is also a special pouch.

The foil cutter is useful to have around and it performs as expected. However, the Secura wine aerator deserves more attention. It is made of extra-tough acrylic and it features a specially designed aerating system. It is also quite compact and it just looks cool on your countertop. But why do you need an aerator?

This small tool helps you bring the best out of your wine. For example, if you like bold young wines, the aerator makes the tannins softer and there is no need to use a decanter.

The Good

Secura offers a full set that can take wine serving to the next level. The electric opener is easy to operate, it sits well in the hand, and the battery life is good. In addition to this, the manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty on the opener and a lifetime limited warranty on the foil cutter and aerator.

The Bad

Overall, this wine kit offers good value for the money. However, the opener doesn’t feature ergonomic contours or soft grips. It’s not tricky to handle by any means, but it would be nice to have something to ensure a nice hold.


  • Electric wine opener
  • Aerator and foil cutter included
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with a travel pouch


No ergonomic grip


Bfull Electric Wine Opener

Want to get the best wine opener kit that comes with all the accessories you need as a wine lover? This offer from BFULL should be right up your alley. What’s more, it all comes in a presentable package to store all the tools.

Product Highlights

The Bfull wine set includes an electric opener, vacuum wine opener, foil cutter, pourer, and two stoppers. The opener looks and feels well-built and it has a metal body with a stylish, dark grey coating on top to prevent slipping.

The corkscrew is made of a special alloy for greater durability, and a soft blue LED illuminates the corkscrew section when the opener is in use. With this tool, you shouldn’t have problems opening any bottle of wine. And if you need to uncork an older bottle, the vacuum opener is there to help.

The vacuum opener and electric opener are both easy to use. However, you do need to carefully position the tools and ensure that the tip of the needle/corkscrew enters the cork the right way. It’s also worth mentioning that the electric opener is battery-powered and it works with four AA batteries.

As for the pourer and foil cutter, they are fairly standard – the cutter feels durable and the pourer provides some aeration to your wine. On the other hand, the two vacuum stoppers are the best extras in this kit. They seal the bottle really well, fit most standard size bottles, and they are made of high-quality materials.

The Good

This kit includes a bunch of extras and all of the tools sport a sleek design, with no compromise in terms of build quality and design. The kit comes in a nice box, so it can be a great present for any wine aficionado.

The Bad

The electric opener is one of the bigger models, so it might be tricky to handle for those with smaller hands. It is also battery-operated which makes it portable, but you’ll need to get a new set of batteries every now and then.


  • 6-piece wine kit
  • Includes electric and vacuum opener
  • Great bottle stoppers


  • A bit too big
  • Battery-operated only


Waring Commercial Wine Opener

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this Waring the mother of all electric wine openers. From the eye-catching design to its exceptional performance, this model is bound to exceed your expectations. In fact, Waring wine openers are often used commercially, so don’t hesitate to check out the impressive specs.

Product Highlights

The Waring wine opener has a high-performance motor that can easily pull out any type of corkscrew (natural or synthetic). The opener features a NiMH rechargeable battery and a single charge should be enough to uncork 120 bottles. This is one of the main reasons it’s suitable for big events, catering companies, or restaurants.

The opener comes with its own charging station. It features a stainless steel body, and it has one of the best designs for this type of opener, as the body contours slightly (it resembles a rocket). This accommodates the powerful motor and allows for a good grip.

The metallic surface is brushed to prevent slipping and the up and down buttons are quite large to ease operation. The stand/charger is made of plastic and there is a metallic accent on the front.

For a commercial wine opener, the Waring is also relatively compact. With the stand/charger included, the unit measures 4 x 5.5 x 12 inches, which makes it quite mobile and suitable for catering businesses.

The accessories that come with this opener include an additional auger with a replacement kit, charger, and en extra NiMH battery. Of course, this model also sports a foil cutter.

The Good

The performance and build quality Waring offers here is hard to rival. The opener beats the competition with its comfortable design and secure grip. This is also one of the best-looking wine openers due to the stylish rocket-shape design.

The Bad

As always, the premium build quality and premium performance come at a premium price. Nevertheless, it’s money well-spent if you need a heavy-duty unit.


  • Opens 120 bottles on a single charge
  • Premium build quality
  • Includes a spare battery
  • Great design


Steep price


Buyer’s Guide

There are certain key features you should look for if you want to get the best wine opener you can keep using for years to come. The following sections outline desirable characteristics a good wine opener needs to have, and they include suggestions for electric and mechanical models.


There is no secret when it comes to durability – premium materials and construction ensure longevity. In general, it’s best to go with models that are fully made of metal and come with special alloys in the body, corkscrew, wings, etc.

If you prefer to go for an electric opener, the corkscrew cap might be made of acrylic, which is okay. But the body should have a metal housing and there needs to be some weight to the unit. Remember, an electric opener has a motor inside and a lower weigh might hint at an inferior motor.

Electric or mechanical, always go with a model that has a worm corkscrew. Augurs might not be as efficient and could even break a cork.


What kind of opener should you go for if you want to keep it at hand wherever you go?

Without a doubt, the waiter’s friend is the most portable wine opener of all, and you can keep it in your pocket. The Ah-So wine opener is not far behind, but it is tricky to master. This model has two blades that go between the bottle and the cork, and it takes practice to shimmy the cork out without any damage.

If you’re looking for a relatively portable wine opener to keep in your kitchen drawer, go for a wing wine opener. If you have your eyes set on an electric model, most units are neck and neck in terms of portability. With this in mind, it helps if the package includes a travel pouch.


A flexible wine opener is capable of dealing with different types of corks – natural, synthetic, and even the old ones that might crumble. As mentioned, you should go for a model with a worm corkscrew to get the best flexibility.

The Ah-So, waiter’s friend, and wing models are usually good for all types of corks. On the other hand, electric wine openers might not be the best option if you need to deal with older corks.


A wine opener is a utilitarian tool but it can still bring a lot of style to your arsenal of wine gadgets. What’s more, it would be wrong to assume that great style comes only with the bigger lever or wing models. A simple waiter’s friend or screw-pull can show a lot of finesse and aesthetic appeal.

Style-wise, things get even better with electric wine openers. They usually feature a dedicated stand/charger and may incorporate LED lights. All in all, there is a wine opener to match any taste – contemporary or traditional.


When choosing wine openers, price usually isn’t a major consideration. For example, top-of-the-line electric openers are under $100 and you can get a great mechanical one for between $15 and $30.

Overall, you should be able to find a great opener regardless of your budget. But you shouldn’t skimp, aim for a model that has excellent build quality. After all, a good wine opener may last you a lifetime.


How to use a wine opener

If you get an electric wine opener, there is not a great deal of technique involved. Place it over the cork and make sure the corkscrew enters the cork at a 90° angle, then press the down button and hold until the cork is removed. Press the up button to get the cork out and that’s it.

The basics are the same with mechanical models. Hit the cork at the right angle and twist until you drive the worm into the cork, then pull to get the cork out. The pulling method is a bit different based on the opener type. Typically, wing wine openers are the easiest to use.

What is a rabbit wine opener?

The rabbit wine opener is both a specific wine opener type and a brand name. Its design resembles a rabbit and it is one of the most popular models due to the great efficiency and ease of use.

These models have two handles that grip the bottleneck and a lever to control the corkscrew action. You simply pull the lever down to pierce the cork and pull it up to remove it. The manufacturer of the original rabbit wine opener claims their tool removes a cork in three seconds.

What is a wine key?

A wine key is a multi-tool that features three functions. It has a corkscrew, a regular bottle opener, and a foil cutter. This type of wine opener is also known as a waiter’s friend and it is one of the most portable and affordable models you can get.

How to remove cork from wine bottle

If you have a wine opener, removing a cork from the bottle is a breeze. But what if you don’t?

Without a wine opener, you have to improvise. There are many ingenious ways to do it, but most of them end up in a mess.

The best method is to use a cylindrical object (roughly the size of the cork) and gently tap or push the cork in. This way, you don’t risk breaking the bottle, the cork stays intact, and the spillage is minimal.

What is a wine opener called?

Wine openers go by a few names. The traditional models are usually called corkscrews or worms. Then there’s the waiter’s friend, which is actually a three-in-one tool also known as a wine key. And one of the oldest types is called Ah-So and it doesn’t feature a corkscrew or worm.

Final Verdict

What is the best wine opener of 2019? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the best mechanical model, the HiCoup wing corkscrew won’t fail to amaze you. It is one of the most comfortable models and has an eye-catching design and exceptional durability.

The Waring wine opener wins in the electric category by a landslide. It features an excellent motor, a single charge uncorks 120 bottles, plus the model looks really cool.

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