Best Electric Wine Opener of 2020 Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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In the past few years, there has been a great deal of buzz about electric wine openers. One thing is certain, electric wine openers are easier to use than the traditional corkscrew. But do they live up to the hype? And what is the best electric wine opener you can buy?

The following sections can provide answers to these questions with detailed reviews of the top electric models, including both the desirable features of these wine openers and certain negative aspects you should know about.

Best Electric Wine Opener Reviews

Secura Electric Wine Opener (SWO-3N-AR)

With this Secura wine kit, you get a foil cutter and an aerator as well as a wine opener. The package also includes a stylish charging station and a travel pouch to take everything on the road. This Secura comes with rechargeable batteries and it offers great value for the price.


The Secura electric opener landed on this list due to the optimal balance of build quality, aesthetic appeal, and a great price. The wine opener tool features stainless steel housing and an acrylic cap that protects the corkscrew. The cap is illuminated by a blue LED when you start using the opener.

The aerator and foil cutter are made entirely from acrylic and the cutter features soft grips on the sides. As for the aerator, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one that comes included with an electric wine opener kit. It has multi-stage aeration that can bring out the full flavor profile of premium vintages.

Another great thing about this Sakura is its overall compactness. The opener is less than eleven inches long and the charger is about five inches long, so it won’t take too much space on your countertop. And remember, the Secura wine opener is rechargeable and it comes with a travel bag.

You also get a one-year warranty on the opener and there is a lifetime warranty on the aerator and foil cutter. The kit comes in a stylish box and there is an instruction manual as well.


  • Wine opening/serving kit
  • Compact design
  • Excellent aerator
  • Affordable


Off-brand model


Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener (CWO-50086279096395)

Cuisinart is a brand that needs little introduction and its electric wine opener is bound to meet and exceed your expectations. This model is sleek, well-built, and it also comes with a vacuum sealer. As always, top quality and premium features come at a price, but rest assured that your money is well-spent here.


To start with the design, this wine opener has a comfortable-to-use body with a non-slip texture in the upper section. The worm/corkscrew is protected under a stainless steel case and there are large up and down buttons. The tool itself is very big, but it’s not heavy or cumbersome to use.

Similar to other premium models, this Cuisinart wine opener comes with its own charging station. The station is a combination of stainless steel and high-quality plastic that matches the opener. The built-in batteries recharge quite fast and you should be able to uncork 80 bottles on a single charge. This makes Cuisinart suitable for small-scale commercial applications — restaurants, catering businesses, bars, etc.

There is a slide-out foil cutter on the front and the vacuum sealer comes separately. To preserve a bottle, place the sealer on top and press the button to take out the air. This accessory also features a numbered dial from 1 to 31 to label when the wine is sealed.

As for the opener, its motor quite strong and it works quickly. However, the noise levels can be compared to those of a hand mixer.


  • Non-slip grip
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Includes vacuum sealer
  • Removes 80 corks on one charge
  • Great build quality


  • Not especially portable
  • Can be noisy


Oster Electric Wine Opener

The Oster electric wine opener is one of the most stylish models you can get. But this cool-looking tool is not only about appearances. It features a powerful motor, great battery life, and the package comes with the Oster chiller included.


In addition to being stylish, this wine opener is easy to use. The body has gentle contours that sit well in your hand and there is a large soft-grip pad at the back to prevent slipping. The Oster is also quite compact, measuring about 2 inches in diameter and it’s about 10 inches tall (without the charging station).

The charging station complements is elegant and made of high-quality plastic. According to the manufacturer, you should charge the opener for eight hours before the first use. This is an inconvenience, but the opener will charge much faster once you start using it.

When it comes to capacity, the Oster opener should be able to uncork up to 30 bottles. Given these specs, it’s a good fit for small-scale commercial purposes like catering businesses or bars. And if you factor in the compactness, this is one of the most portable models you can get.

As mentioned, the package features an Oster chiller and there is a foil cutter at the back of the charging station. The chiller is made of special thermally-efficient stainless steel and there is no need to use any ice. It is almost 5 inches in diameter so it can easily fit Bordeaux-style and bigger bottles.

Like other electric openers, the Oster is a bit noisy, but this is a minor compromise to make for such a powerful motor. It comes at a price that can fit any budget.


  • Stylish design
  • Comes with a chiller
  • Can be used commercially
  • Affordable


The first charge takes 8 hours


Cusibox Electric Wine Opener

What makes Cusibox one of the best electric wine opener manufacturers? Their products are versatile and built to last. This wine opener comes with some extras, and it also works as a vacuum pump.


The Cusibox wine opener’s housing is made of durable plastic and stainless steel. There are no soft grips, but the steel is brushed so the opener shouldn’t slip or feel awkward to handle. The up and down buttons are in the middle of the device and, unfortunately, they are quite small.

The corkscrew is protected by a plastic casing at the bottom and there’s blue LED lighting to indicate that the opener is in use. This Cusibox works with 4 AAA rechargeable batteries and it comes with a docking station. There are also two bottle stoppers and a foil cutter included.

While the foil cutter performs well, the stoppers are the highlight accessory here. To seal an opened bottle, place the stopper on top, turn the opener upside down and use the vacuum pump on the other end. The stoppers also have a silver dial to set the date when the bottle was sealed.

One of the best things about the Cusibox is that it should be able to uncork up to 45 bottles on a single charge. Since it works with rechargeable AAAs, you can always keep a spare set at hand and double the device’s capacity.


  • Features a vacuum sealer
  • Uncorks 45 bottles (single charge)
  • Great build quality


Buttons could be bigger


Ivation Electric Wine Opener (Wine Set)

If you are looking for a premium wine set, this one from Ivation might be right up your alley. Considering the quality and features that it provides, the Ivation set offers excellent value for your money.


This set comes with all the extras. In addition to the electric wine opener, you get an electric wine sealer, two bottle stoppers, an aerator, and a foil cutter. All of the tools can be stored on the docking station, which is also where you charge them. It all looks like the top of a tube amp, which gives the set a special aesthetic appeal.

The electric opener and vacuum pump feature a sleek combination of stainless steel and plastic. The housing is entirely made of stainless steel, and there is a transparent plastic corkscrew cap. Fully charged, the opener can uncork up to 30 bottles, which makes it suitable for small-scale commercial use.

To ensure the wine stays fresh for a while after you opened it, position the bottle sealer and use the vacuum pump. Like most high-quality sealers, the Ivation sealers feature a dial to set the date.

Aside from that, the aerator is yet another highlight of this set. It’s made of a combination of durable plastic and stainless steel. The spigot is specially designed to give your wine enough air and the tool fits most standard bottles.


  • 6-piece wine set
  • Excellent design
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Compact


Upper price range


Final Verdict

What is the best electric wine opener of 2019? Given the price, the included accessories, and the build quality, the Secura SWO-3N-AR is the overall winner. You get a high-performance opener and arguably the best aerator that comes with a wine kit.

On the other hand, if you need a vacuum pump and stoppers, you won’t go wrong with the Ivation kit either. It’s somewhat pricier than the Secura kit but still worth the investment.

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