Best 4 Chef Electric Wine Opener Review

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Quick Overview





  • Many accessories
  • Stylish wooden box
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Compact and mobile


  • Could be cheaper
  • Slow charging time

Choosing the right wine opener can be a challenge, and it’s not easy to decide whether you want to go for an electric or mechanical model. You need to consider the price, included extras, and it’s always nice if there’s a warranty with the device.

This article features one of the best electric wine openers that won’t break the bank. This one has all the characteristics you might expect from a reliable model, and there are also some accessories included. Let’s dive right in.

Best 4 Chef Electric Wine Opener 

This set comes from Best 4 Chef. Although the brand is less-known, it accepts no compromises in terms of performance or quality. This product comes with a one-month money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. Plus, the retailer states that 10% of the profits go to charity.

Who is this product for?

The Best 4 Chef wine opener is primarily designed for home use and it works great as a present for aspiring wine connoisseurs. That said, this electric wine opener might be good for small-scale commercial purposes – boutique bars and small restaurants, for example.

However, the manufacturer doesn’t offer information about how many bottles you can uncork on a single charge. Judging by other models with similar specs, it should be in the 30+ bottle range.

What’s included?

With this product, you get several useful accessories. Besides the electric wine opener, it includes a pourer, vacuum stopper, foil cutter, and a wine ring. The electric opener works with four rechargeable AAA batteries that come with the package, and you also get a proprietary charger.

The packaging is one of the main highlights here. The box is made of nice wood and there’s protective foam on the inside, with cut-outs for the opener and the accessories. Also, there is a stylish metal lock to complement the elegant look of the box.

It would be nice if there was also a docking station. However, this model stands on its own just fine, so you can store it anywhere you like.

Overview of features

One of the best things about this opener is the build quality, especially considering that it’s an off-brand model. The materials are a combination of aluminum and carbon steel. The housing also features a Teflon coating, and it sits well in the hand without slipping. The worm is protected under a plastic cover and there’s a blue LED which can help you position the tool over the bottle.

This electric opener is quite compact and lightweight. The up and down buttons are conveniently positioned and big. As for the motor, it’s super strong and handles synthetic and natural corks quite well. The Best 4 Chef opener can be a bit noisy but this is not unusual for electric wine openers.

According to the manufacturer/retailer, you should charge the opener for twelve hours the first time. From there on, a full charge should take about three hours. This is a bit too long compared to other models, and it means you need to plan well ahead and make sure the device is charged when you need it.

At this point, it’s worth to take a closer look at some of the accessories. The foil cutter is standard and performs as expected. The pourer is okay, but the design could be better in terms of aeration.

How to use it

There is no science to using this or any other electric opener. Grab the foil cutter and remove the foil by turning the bottle, not the cutter. Position the opener atop the bottle and make sure you hit the center of the cork at a 90° angle.

Press the down button and keep holding it until the cork comes out. To remove the cork, press the up button and it will slowly wiggle out. If you want to put the bottle away, grab the vacuum stopper, insert it into the bottle and mechanically pump the air out. The less wine there is in the bottle, the more pumping you need to do.


  • Many accessories
  • Stylish wooden box
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Compact and mobile


  • Pricey for an off-brand model
  • Charging time


When all is said and done, the Best 4 Chef is an excellent electric opener and it makes for a good present. But if you want a more affordable model with similar specs, you won’t go wrong with the Secura set.

The wine openers in both sets are matched in quality. However, the Secura kit features an amazing aerator and it has an excellent foil cutter. With the Secura, you also get a docking/charging station and there’s a special stand for the aerator.


The Best 4 Chef set stands out from the competition with the eye-catching wooden box and the reliable performance. This set is an excellent starter pack for aspiring wine connoisseurs. But is it worth your money? The answer to this question depends on what you expect from the accessories.

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