Baen Sendi Wine Aerator and Pourer Review

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Quick Overview





  • Can fit any type of wine bottle
  • Ergonomic spout
  • Has elegant design
  • FDA approved
  • Easy to clean


  • Spout can separate from rubber seal

The Baen Sendi wine aerator is a convenient and classy way of serving fine tasting wine. The aerator has a unique design that will not make the wine spill on the table because of its tilted spout.

The product’s rubber stopper allows the oxygen to flow in and lets the wine breathe faster and gets more oxygen. This aerator makes wine taste better and bubbles will appear in the glass. The stopper also fits well into any wine bottle and ensures no spilling.

This aerator will make the decanting process go faster because it lets the oxygen enter quickly. There will be no need for waiting for the wine to breathe. The Baen Sendi Wine Aerator and Pourer can be used with any type of wine, may it be red, white or rose wine. It is approved by the FDA and is certified safe to use.


  • Has ergonomic spout made of acrylic
  • Easy to twist insertion and removal
  • Can fit any type of wine bottle
  • Can be used for red, white or rose wine
  • No spill pouring
  • Stopper made of rubber and enables fast oxygenation
  • Has aerating chamber
  • Has elegant design
  • FDA approved
  • Easy to clean

This aerator will make sure that the wine is filtered for clearer and sediment-free wine. The manufacturer promises a lifetime of use and will provide support for product replacements and repair.


This product produces a fast and easy way of pouring any type of wine. It can be used for red, white or rose wine and eliminates the bitter taste.

The product also eliminates the hassle of waiting for the wine to oxygenate, or leaving the wine bottle for hours for it to breathe. The aerator has a chamber that lets the oxygen in as soon as the wine is poured. There will be no need to swish the wine because it already has enough oxygen as seen in bubbles as it settles in the glass.

The BaenSendi wine aerator has a tilted spout that is made of acrylic and makes pouring spill free. The spout is narrow and will control the flow of the wine from the bottle. The aerator is easy to attach and has a rubber stopper that will prevent the wine from spilling and will fit any type of wine bottle.

With an aerator, there will be no need to use a decanter. The user will save time and effort in reusing a wine container to get rid of the sediments and will make sure that the wine tastes better. The wine will have enough oxygen and remove the bitter taste left from the fermentation process. The rubber stopper has small holes that let the oxygen in and facilitates oxygenation process faster.

The product is also easy to clean because it does not have added accessories or attachments. The aerator is straightforward and uses a simple mechanism to function. Therefore, it can be used repeatedly and it will not crack because of the high-grade materials used to make it. The aerator comes with a case and is easy to store and keeps the parts neatly packed together.

The product is reasonably priced. It functions as good as the more expensive aerators. It looks elegant and makes entertaining have a classy feel.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty and will provide service or product replacement. In addition, the manufacturer is certified by the FDA and the aerator is approved to be used with wine that is safe for human consumption.The company’s customer service is efficient as well.


The product comes in two parts. The rubber stopper is connected to the acrylic spout. The two items may get misplaced if the case is not used. The acrylic spout tends to separate from the rubber stopper.

The stopper may break and cause leaking if it is not placed securely on the bottle and will break if it gets twisted too hard.


The BaenSendi wine aerator is durable and can be used for frequent wine aerating and pouring. The wine is instantly oxygenated with the product’s aerating system. The wine doesn’t need to breathe and let out for a long time.

It will taste better because the aerator will take out the sediments and filter out the leftovers from the fermentation process. The rubber stopper will fit any kind of bottle. The product’s acrylic spout is durable and is tapered to make wine pouring easier and spill-free. The product is easy to clean with water and is easily stored in a case.

The taste of the wine is much improved with this aerator, that even cheap wines will taste good. The oxygen lets the bitterness out and because the sediments are filtered off, the wine becomes more pure and clearer.

The Baen Sendi Wine Aerator and Pourer is made of rubber and the spout is made of acrylic. These materials are sturdy but are not shock proof. They may fall apart if too much force is exerted.

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